About Us

Who are we?

We are developers that fix bugs every other day during our day jobs. We fix the bugs when it is raining and we fix the bugs when it is sunny. When Finland wins it's 1st gold in football world championship, we will probably keep day off.

Why did we do TimeToPic?

We were missing a of tool that helps studying timing and performance problems. We tested a couple of them but none of them met our needs and rest of them would have been absurdly expensive considering the need for one. We are sure that we aren't the only ones who have had the same thought pattern. So we decided to implement one that was everything we had wanted in the first place - something so cheap that it is almost free and something that does what we wanted it to do!

Data visualization helps to understand the big picture lot faster. We develop TimeToPic at the same time as we use it in actual debugging tasks. That way we can make sure that it is excellent in the task it was meant to do.


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Contact us about anything. All feedback is welcome.

Please post question to timetopicprivatesupport@googlegroups.com.

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Herwood Technologies Oy

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