Here are actual screenshots of TimeToPic, TimeToPic Logger, TimeToPic Grapher and TimeToPic Noder applications.

Seeing code logic behavior from different viewpoint improves dramatically understanding of your system behavior.


TimeToPic is generic purpose analyzer tool for various uses. When doing software development, checking several parameters stacked on timeline helps understanding big picture fast!

TimeToPic built in basic math operations are useful when you need calculate metrics for understanding data behavior better.

TimeToPic is very powerful when you want see code behavior patterns. See code sequence on timeline helps understanding big picture fast.

Testing performance fixes and measuring them is easier when you "see" the change.

TimeToPic is useful when analyzing concurrent programming problems. Adding task id to channel name opens completely new view to threading. Zooming into details using mouse wheel is quick.

TimeToPic is platform/framework independent general purpose tool. You can use it for hunting many kinds of problems.

TimeToPic Logger

TimeToPic Logger receives log stream over network sockets. Information is highlighted using colors and user will quickly see relevant stuff from log.

If log data is TimeToPic compatible, logger can command TimeToPic load latest log. This makes daily development very convenient.

Second example of data highlighting. When clicking items on right (variable view), corresponding lines are highlighted (A).

When clicking logline, keyword will be marked on blue (B).

All new loglines (not seen before on session) are marked on green (C).

TimeToPic Logger has graph visualization features that might be useful for debugging.

One such thing is transition visualization of TimeToPic events. Adding events into your application state logic you can see how things go.

if user clicks analyze button second time, states that are visited since previous analyze and highlighted with yellow color.

TimeToPic Grapher

TimeToPic Grapher is real time data visualizer. Currently valueabs and msg primitives are supported.

TimeToPic Noder

TimeToPic Noder is application for real time graph visualizations. It would be useful for object relations visualizations. User can create nodes, links by sending certain type of traces.

TimeToPic Noder is GPL V2 licensed application and you can modify it freely.

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