With TimeToPic you can:

  • Visualize application behavior on timeline --> See big picture and understand how it is really working. From static view to dynamic!
  • Debug timing problems with precise events --> Shorten finding nastiest time related bugs and race conditions.
  • Measure usage of resources --> See how things are progressing over time. Does system suffer on leaks or sub optimal use of buffers?
  • Measure performance of components --> Instrumenting whole system could kill performance. Once narrowing down problem area, measure component suffering the problem.

With TimeToPic Logger you can:

  • Receive system log information to screen easily over socket or stdin --> Standard first line tool for dynamic analysis. Easy to integrate to various frameworks and platforms.
  • Filter and search log --> Find relevant quickly from mass of data.
  • Write data to file --> Store log for later use or forward data to next level analysis.
  • Launch TimeToPic --> Log data on TimeToPic format and with one click start visual analysis.

Current feature list of TimeToPic Bundle apps.

TimeToPic features


  • Zoom, pan & scroll picture using mouse
  • Zoom to whole log
  • Sort channels by order of appearance from mouse current position
  • Sort channels by name
  • Sort channels by duration
  • Sort channels by occurrence count
  • Reorder channels by using mouse
  • Resize channels
  • Mouse cross-hair with value display
  • Cycle color palettes for optimal viewing
  • Various visualization modes for value type graphs (step, average, color, dot)
  • Value type value histogram
  • Value type interval histogram
  • Event type duration histogram
  • Event type interval histogram
  • Automatic level of detail for optimal viewing


  • Filter channels by string
  • Filter channels by type
  • Inverse filter
  • Filter channels by visibility


  • Calculate event occurrence counts over time
  • Calculate event occurrence frequency over time
  • Calculate integration for value types over time
  • Rate calculation ( delta * frequency ) for value types over time
  • Automatic calculation of average level for values on visible screen area
  • View values using screen local min & max or channel local min & max
  • View 0%, 25%, 50% & 75% levels for value type channels
  • Cursor (A-B) measurement for value type channels

Log primitives

  • Event type for showing activity that has start and stop time
  • Named event type for activity that has start, stop time and comment. Comment is shown inside event bar
  • State machine type for showing state machine activity over time
  • Value type for showing values over time
  • Message type for showing messaging between channels over time

Log format

  • Support relative & absolute time stamps (time&date)
  • ASCII format that is easy to generate by other tools
  • Support up to 1 GB log size
  • Support up to 1000 channels


  • Command line startup parameters
  • Remote control API (UDP)
  • Help ( this web site documentation section )
  • Keyboard reference help

TimeToPic Logger features


  • Long display buffer for latest log lines (100 000) with fast scrolling
  • Variable&keyword view with real time update.
  • Variable compare mode to user marked time position
  • Highlight of new log lines that are not seen earlier during session
  • Visualize of data bursts. See easily event based activity of program
  • Automatic interval calculations between log lines on filter mode
  • Automatic interval calculations between log lines on highlight mode
  • Visualize TimeToPic events and states on as GraphViz diagram.


  • Receive data from multiple TCP/IP & Web sockets sockets. Streams are ordered by time stamps of log lines.
  • STDIO logging mode. Forward console output to logger.
  • Client mode. Logger connects to remote.

Data filtering & search

  • Filter incoming data by user defined string. Enter string by using keyboard or use filter builder
  • Drag&Drop keywords from variable view to filter
  • Click keyword and corresponding rows become highlighted on display buffer
  • Click and highligh words from logline. When in paused, result browser list hits and can be used for jumping on display buffer.

External tools

  • Lauch external viewer for (.txt) log file.
  • Server mode. Forward receiver stream into socket.

TimeToPic integration

  • Remote control TimeToPic for optimal logging & analysis experience


  • Write data automatically to log when session starts
  • Start new log
  • Log name cycling between log1..log10 that prevents flooding of log file directory
  • Demo log for quick evaluation

Command line usage

  • Forward console output to logger.. for example "adb logcat -v time | TimeToPicLogger mode=stdin"

TimeToPic Grapher features

Realtime graphs

Receive logging data from TimeToPic Logger and show it as picture.

  • Show numerical values as chart
  • Show messaging between entities

PDF export

  • Export messaging between entities to PDF document