TimeToPic bundle versions

Applications are full versions with time limit that will disappear when entering license key.

Windows 10

Linux Ubuntu 64 bit 16.04 LTS ->

TimeToPic bundle is based on Qt LPGL. If you want link against own Qt, post question to support.


Zip: Download TimeToPic bundle (TimeToPic and TimeToPic logger) from link below.

Pick Linux or Windows package. Unzip anywhere you want and you are good to go!

Installer: Windows has installer that installs all programs.

No online connection is required to run TimeToPic.

TimeToPic logger requires internet connection since it listens TCP ports.

Antivirus or firewall may block ports. Enable those if needed.

Download TimeToPic bundle

Contains TimeToPic, TimeToPic Logger,Example application and documentation.

Extra: Download TimeToPic Noder

TimeToPic Noder is application for real time graph visualization.

GPL! Get sources from

Get Windows installer below.

Extra: Download Serial2TimetoPic

Convert RS232 to TimeToPic Logger websocket (protocol conversion)