IDEA - Timetopic

In short this is a log visualization software. If you generate ASCII-format logs in one of supported file formats, give them to TimeToPic and it shows you a visual presentation of that log. It is much faster to understand from visual or from picture. TimeToPic can visualize your application functionality as it is not limited showing operating system level behavior only (tasks, memory etc).

measure time:

2018/08/01 09:38:23.526;event;start;QML Mouse on box4
2018/08/01 09:38:23.628;event;stop;QML Mouse on box4

study state machines:

2018/08/01 09:38:23.650;state;QML Mouse on box1;QML mouseLocState

measure numerical values:

2018/08/01 09:38:23.652;valueabs;221;QML Mouse on box1mouseY

IDEA - Timetopic LOGGER

Logging UI with text search, filter capabilities.

Send timestamped data from multiple sockets to logger. Logger will sort them and show lines correct order.

Filtering, search and highlight speeds up first look of data. If log data has TimeToPic compatible log lines, TimeToPic visualization can be invoked with mouse click. When doing development and testing, checking live log is usually faster. When more in depth study is required, you can use log file that is automatically written to disk.

See sample loggers to see how integration to your system can be done.

Check documentation sub menus for various topics.