Qt specifc application notes

Log and measure both C++ and QML code same time!

1. Instrument your code using simple macros.

2. Start logging using TimeToPic Logger

3. Perform use case

4. Check app behavior from time line.

5. Use same method to mobile, desktop, web and embedded Qt development.

Check Logging macros:

See logging API implementation []. TimeToPic bundle contains example application that illustrates usage nicely.

App specific - Arduino

Arduino profiling, Arduino debugging and Arduino data logging can be done with TimeToPic bundle as well. In addition to text log, visual timeline speeds up debugging a dramatically!

Data sent via serial port can be logged using serial2TimeToPic that sends it to TimeToPic Logger and TimeToPic visualizer. Logging via ethernet can be done using TimeToPic logger directly.

Download Arduino IDE compatible library ( and sources from same place. Compression gives ~1Mbit/s datarate for TimeToPic logging when using serial speed 115200 bit/s. Macros can be turned on/off easily.

Source code for Arduino transmitter:


Source codes for Serial2TimeToPic:

TimeToPic Noder

Source codes for TimeToPic Noder:

Check buidling instructions since uses 3rd party OGDF layout algo.