TimeToPic bundle costs only $50.

With same price you will get also TimeToPic logger that is generic purpose logging tool over TCP/IP and stdio.

This price includes also future updates to TimeToPic and TimeToPic Logger.

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Important information

Warranty policy

Software will be "as is" and reported bugs will be fixed if seen feasible. You will get future updates for free.

Try evaluation version first to test if application works on your system and is what you are looking for.


No Liability. This debugging tool is not designed to do harm, however if for some

reason problems or damage occur, we cannot do anything about that.


No refund. Nor should it be necessary. If trial mode works, so does the licensed version.

If TimeToPic does not work for some reason, contact us and we'll help you get it work ASAP.


One personal license per developer. You can use application if you have purchased personal license.

See End User License Agreement.

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