is generic purpose log visualizer
 for debugging various kind of 
problems from many platforms. 

Because it is very easy to use it fits also many areas beyond debugging. 

TimeToPic boosts debugging of problems!

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When logging application, it would be nice if logger does some basic information highlighting for you 
(for example new traces and big time difference of lines) and see relevant from masses of logs.

When combined, TimeToPic Logger logs can be opened on TimeToPic visualizer with one mouse click. 
This makes your daily development work very effective!

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When you work with another platforms and frameworks, 
you can reuse same measurement tooling and maximize personal productivity!

code timings
logic correctness
race conditions
performance issues
sub system "numbers"
algorithms performance

Whatever comes into your mind and 
it can be transformed to timeline

Code behavior by seeing execution patterns
Performance impacts of your code to other modules

Test fast
Make change and measure impact
Understand more per test round

Reuse tool chain when starting new project with new technology
Benchmark options easily using same analysis

"See" if idea works far before UI is present by 
adding quick analysis UI first!
Debug quickly ideas into functional prototypes 

Debug code level, logic level and idea level. 


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